Over the years, I’ve seen any number of businesses go down the chute because the owners took their eyes off the ball ie off what was central and immediate to their business.

Unless you have a bookkeeping business, it is safe to say that bookkeeping is not central to your business. It might be of immediate concern if your record keeping and BAS returns are in a muddle but, even then, it isn’t immediate to the success of your business.

You may even get to the point of acknowledging it would be useful to know where your income has gone and why the bank account is so low and why expenses seem to be going through the roof.

For you to find out the answers to these questions means you have to take time out from your business to organise the paperwork, to systemise it into an accounting program, and then to decipher the resulting reports looking for answers to your original questions.

As bookkeepers, we do this all the time. It isn’t safe to say we can do this with our eyes closed but we do carry around the experience which we then apply to your particular business model.

That experience extends to knowledge of how to effectively use your accounting program in your business, how to organise the paperwork (real paper or stored electronically) so you can easily find it again when you want to know the details of a bill from 2 years ago, and to alert you to potential cash flow crunch points before they become cash flow catastrophies.

And this can all be done either at your business premises or remotely or with a mixture of both.

It means you are not up till midnight missing out on family time (or sleep time).

The success of your business in both longevity and growth is our priority.

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