Our Services

Receivables and Payables
Who owes you and who is late in paying and who do you owe and should you be in touch with them.
Bank reconciliation
Downloading transactions direct from your bank doesn’t mean reconciliations are done away
with or can be postponed.
BAS and IAS preparation and lodgement
Even in these uncertain times, the ATO still want these reports.
Customisation of invoices / statements / payslips
Give an edge to the way your clients see you.
Day-to-day data entry
Getting transactions into the correct place gives credibility to your reports.
File setup
There are times when the file settings have to be rearranged and it is useful to know where those settings are.
Liaison with accountants
After the end of the financial year and during the year when adjustments to the file are required.
Management reports, cash flow and budgets
Setting these so you can understand them.
Payroll processing
There is nothing automatic about wage rates and employment conditions.
Year-end processes
Payment Summaries may be on the way out but getting full year wage figures to your employees is still of critical importance as is also examining the file for transactions that just don’t look right.