Do the easy stuff first … and get nothing else done!

You have surely had one (or many!) of those days where you couldn’t get motivated and weren’t really sure why that was the case.

The easy way out is to get ‘stuck into’ those jobs that require relatively less in the way of brain power or physical exertion and, after they are done, attack whatever is left.

Except, ‘whatever is left’ is usually still ‘left’ at the end of the day!

That’s because we are not working to a plan. We don’t have to form a plan for the next 30 years. A plan for the next 30 minutes (or the next 30 days) may be all that is required.

It can take a while for a wish to become a habit and it can take just as long for a wish to form a plan to become a habit of planning. And then there is the commitment to the plan.

Do the hard stuff first ….. and get everything else done too!

A look at ‘whatever is left’ may reveal ‘that’ job which could/should have been done as a priority.

It may be a matter of not quite knowing where to start or knowing how to approach it or not knowing how to do it. It may even be the expectation that this job is going to take all day and nothing else will get done!

There is a saying: ‘Nothing is so fatiguing as the eternal hanging on of an uncompleted task’.

I’m not suggesting that the job be put off eternally but you get the drift.

The job just keeps nagging away at the inner recesses of your mind to the detriment of being able to fully focus on anything else.

The solution is to get it either out of the way or start on it and that may reveal what you need to know to get it completed. That in itself can be liberating enough! It might even allow time to get all the other ‘lesser’ jobs done.

So, in your business, is there a ‘procrastinated’ job that’s been hanging around and impinging on your well-being?

Does it drag you away from enjoying life (in general) more effusively?

Would it be liberating to let it go either by getting it into perspective in terms of the bigger picture or by letting someone else do it?

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