A remarkable human being, Stephen Hawking, passed away earlier this week.

He was remarkable not only for the power of his mind but for his resilience in never giving up in the face of enormous physical challenges. A brilliant mind trapped within the confines of an ailing body.

How often in your own business do you feel hemmed in by circumstances seemingly beyond your control?

Is there a different angle from which to view this set of difficulties?

There will now be many copies of Hawking’s ‘A Short History of Time’ being taken down from bookshelves and dusted off. For many readers, this second opening of the book will not get much beyond the first attempt.

It doesn’t have to be like that when you stand back and read your business. There could be an immediate awakening of insight that eludes you when you are head down in the nitty-gritty of everyday putting one foot in front of another just to get through.

Use this insight and seek out the views of people you trust for their vision and experience and wisdom. It is amazing how a view from someone else appears, in hindsight, to be so obvious that you don’t understand how you didn’t see it yourself.

Be resolute in applying back into your business the insights you have gained either through your own efforts or from others. It is equally important that you get through to the final chapter which is about reviewing at a point down the track what you learned and assessing these valuable lessons into the future.

Hawking may not have got to the singularity of comprehending how the universe is but he laid down a path on which many a scientist and researcher can now walk.

This is a fitting epitaph (for anyone): He used his abilities and created a path where nobody had trod before. He stayed the course. He looked down at his feet for obstacles and looked up at the stars for inspiration.

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