Endings are just beginnings.

New Year’s resolutions. Do they last much longer for you then the thought? Or, in the middle of the calendar year, do you think that next financial year will be better? Was there a resolution to make that happen or simply a hope that the stars will somehow line up? At the start of anything is a good time to plan for making sure the essentials line up. So, what are the essentials?

How would you describe your product or service?

It’s essential that you keep up to date with changes that impact whatever it is your business offers. The longer you have been in business, the more likely your clients are to expect you to be on top of recent developments and the less likely they will be to accept a “I’ll get back to you on that” response.

How far can you go?

That’s not just about geographical limitations. It’s also to do with how many hours can you fit in a day before you start to take short cuts. Alternatively, is there room to take on an extra employee or to simply say to a potential client “I’m not in a position to take on that project right now”?

Where are your strategic alliances?

That sounds like a recipe for wargames but it equally has a role to play in seeking support (and encouragement) from peers, family, and others in your industry. It is occasionally useful (and comforting!) to realise that the challenges you are facing are not restricted to you and your business.

Do you have a ‘Get out of jail’ card?

I hope not. It would imply that you don’t enjoy the business you are in. An alternative ‘card’ could be ‘You have landed on a station. Take a free throw’. That would mean you are enjoying the ride and the challenges and now is the time to plan into your coming year some ‘me’ time.

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