Documented Systems

It’s not just in your head.

You have a business in Redland City and it’s been going along quite nicely for 5 or 6 years.

Your family helps with the business and they understand both how you think and how you want the business to run.

Now it is growing and you need to look outside the family for employees who have the required expertise to take the business to the next level.

How do you explain the ethos and workings of your business from ‘off the top of your head’?

At best, it comes across as a jumble of thought bubbles and ideas and, at worst, it is a mishmash of confusing directives and misunderstood information.

It becomes part of the business.

Having documented business systems benefits you in a number of ways.

Happy staff and satisfied clients

It makes it easy for staff (particularly new ones) to reference processes and to undertake upskilling or training in unfamiliar areas. They can also do this independently without constantly impinging on the business owner’s time.

Staff can more quickly come to grips with processes and that saves you money and time (both yours and theirs).

The need to clarify aspects of the system can also be a useful tool for pinpointing areas of the system documentation in need of an upgrade.

Clients also appreciate receiving a consistent level of service no matter who they are dealing with.

This can apply to both front office transactions as well as back office communications.

Holidays and happy endings

Documented systems means it is easier for you to take a holiday knowing that the business is in good and knowledgeable hands. You won’t have to phone in every day to check on what is happening nor even use your mobile to access the accounts!

At the extreme, moving on from your business into another field or into retirement will be easier if a prospective buyer can see what happens on a day-by-day basis. The documented system becomes an integral part of your business and will attract a premium on the selling price leading to a more profitable outcome than you may have otherwise expected.

The initial setting up of a documented system can be difficult but, in the short (and long) term it pays continual dividends to your business.

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