Bookkeeping, weather, phones, children.

A bit on weather.

Have you happened to notice how warm it’s been lately (let’s just say for the last 6 months and be done with it) in the Great South East?

A bit unseasonal you could say unless you’re over 90 and ‘it was always like this when I was young’.

Not so many nights ago it was possible to be outside until almost 7 but now it’s dark by 6.

If you’ve had a tough day at the office or been on roofs repairing solar panels, you probably don’t care too much when it gets dark as long as it does at some point. (Give a thought here for people who live somewhat further away from the Equator).

Ahem. Bookkeeping and weather?

It has been conclusively proven (somewhere for sure) that warm breezes through the office/dining room/lounge window at night is not conducive to catching up on any paperwork let alone figures. That’s particularly the case when mixed with mossies and beer and baths for the kids and story book reading and ironing a shirt for tomorrow. Now that’s certainly fantasy!

In one respect at least, it doesn’t matter whether your business figures are located on your home/office computer or in the cloud. Somewhere along the line, there needs to be checks as to the veracity (or correctness) of the transactions with regard to with whom they are linked externally, the dates of the transactions, and the placement of the transactions in the business file ie income or expenses or something else.

If a business is registered for gst, that also must come into the equation.

These things are best not done at the last minute or when it is too hot or dark to do anything else. Concentration is a key requirement here and distraction is as close as a phone call or a reality television show.

Bookkeepers work around figures all day. Unbelievably, we find that interesting! While we aren’t immune to the weather conditions, we are generally immune to phone calls on somebody else’s mobile and to their child throwing a tantrum.

If any of the above resonates with you and your business paperwork, ask yourself if there’s an opportunity here to swap a headache on warm nights for a bit of ‘me-time’ and utilise the services of a bookkeeper who doesn’t mind working figures in the heat of the day.

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